Six Head Drilling Machine

Six Head Drilling Machine

Six Head Drill Machine SBT-LZD6-13


 Used for drilling holes on the aluminum and curtain wall profiles, for large volume production.

 Max. processing section size 250x250mm, and Max. processing length 5000mm.

 Meet multi-holes processing requirements. 

 Feeding system adopts hydro-pneumatic cylinder, ensured a smoothly feeding.

Two  Head Corner Crimping Machine

Two Head Corner Crimping Machine

Double Head Corner Crimping Machine SBT-LZJ2-100x3500

*Used for aluminum frame and sash corner crimping, and two corner finished in one cycle.

* Two corners connecting at one time, with high efficiency.

*Inner and outer locating device and profile pre-clamp device can locate 3 pieces accurately, which increases processing efficiency. 

*Wide processing range dues to adjustable locating and clamping device 
*Key moving parts adopt precision linear motion pair, ensuring high processing accuracy.

*Hydraulic system offers large punching and riveting power.

*Approaching profile with low pressure and clamping with high pressure, ensure processing accuracy.

*Wide processing range can realize 3500mm window and door crimping.

V-notch Cutting Machine

Product Description:
1. Used for cutting "V" notch on PVC profile.
2. Specialized in 90 degree "V" notch cutting.
3. Pneumatic clamping cutting.

Technical Parameter
Input Voltage 380V 50Hz
Input Power 1.5Kw
Working Air Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Air Consumption 30L/min
Cutting Height 60mm
Overall Dimension 1400x530x1420mm
Net Weight 185Kg

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