Architectural EPDM Sealing Strip

Architectural EPDM Sealing Strip

EPDM is ethylene, propylene polymerization by the solution of the rubber, and then introducing a third monomer. EPDM is essentially a saturated polymer. Aging resistance, weather resistance. Corrosion Performance is very good. shown in the following areas: 
1, a high degree of resistance of aging: EPDM seal the air has a strong heat aging resistance, long-term use in the 100-120 degrees, the 140-150 degree can be a long time to maintain an effective physical performance. short period of time can withstand 230-260 degree heat.
2, excellent resistance to oxygen performance: Ozone is a major factor in cracking the general rubber, EPDM has excellent ozone resistance, known as "crack-free rubber." In particular, applications in different atmospheric index, compared to rubber seal (PVC) will be more show the superiority of their products.
3, excellent weather resistance is in the natural environment of light, heat, cold, wind, rain, atmospheric ozone, final and aging factors, long-term resistance to cold, hot, dry, wet ability. He shrinkage is small, no deformation, can achieve a common wall with windows and doors design life.
4, excellent chemical resistance properties. As the EPDM tape

Their chemical stability and non-polar. Therefore, no chemical reaction with the chemicals, and polar material compatibility between the non-compatibility or small.
5, excellent water resistance, thermal resistance and water vapor properties are: EPDM rubber is a kind of polymer alkyl hydrazine, a 'hydrophobic' chemical reaction between the two is not easy
6, with good flexibility and long-lasting anti-compression deformation.
EPDM sealing applicable -40 - +160 ° C working environment, has excellent anti-wrinkle properties of oxygen. Hong UV characteristics, characteristics of chemical solvents. Our company profile under the doors and windows throughout the country by supporting R & D EPDM seal, its far superior performance than other similar products can be widely applied in the field of architectural seal. Now most of high-performance windows and doors with EPDM seal materials.


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