Aluminum Spacer Bar Butyl Seal Tape

Aluminum Spacer Bar Butyl Seal Tape

Butyl Tape for Primary Seal of Insulated Glass
How Is Butyl Coated on Shaped Spacer Bar Or Without Butyl

Extruding Machine?
Dual seal insulated glass is always composed of primary seal

and secondary seal. Primary seal is butyl. It is usually packed

in 7 kg drum. It is extruded and is applied on two sides of

aluminium spacer bars by an expansive delicate butyl extruding

machine. Now, there is an alternative, butyl tape. BST series

butyl tape is a thin layer of butyl sealant which is already

pre-extruded and wind with protective thin film in disc.
•Pre-extruded butyl tape
•Wind in disc for easy storage & handle
•Protected with thin film for further non-sticking handling &

•No butyl extruding machine is required
•Perfect water and vapor permeable proof
•Coated on both sides of spacer bar simultaneously with simple

IG-BTC butyl tape coating tool
•Coated on curved or shape spacer bars easily that could not be

applied by butyl extruding machine
•Press insulated glass with simple IG-HBPS pneumatic handheld

butyl pressing & sealing tool getting rid of high operating

costs of bulky rollers or panel pressing machines
•Save huge capital investment of tradition glass insulating

•Lowest possible insulated glass production costs
•Occupy the least floor space

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