Bendable Aluminum spacer bar

Bendable Aluminum spacer bar

Aluminum spacer bar for Insulating Glass


The type of aluminum spacer bar is from 4mm to 25mm. The aluminum spacer bar can also be ordered according to the special requirements of customers.
Technical requirements of products:
1. Wall thicknessSingle-side wall thickness is within 0.20   0.35mmand limit deviation of peripheral wall thickness is ±0.025mm.
2. Degree of curvature (bending)Do not allow the product to have stiff bending and sidewise bending (except free sagging bending arc).
3. AppearanceSurface is killing and smooth and has no knocking. Air hole is uniform and in order.
Packaging, identification, transportation and storage of product:
1. PackagingIncluding packed-in-cases and braided tape packaging.Per bundle weight per unit packaging is 20±0.05kgbraided tape packagingand 25±0.05kgpacked-in-cases.It is required that the appearance is in order and straight, has no layup and has no appear.
2. IdentificationIndicate definitely on packaging the product name, weight, production date, institution or enterprise name, address, qualification identification an so on.
3. Transportation: This product is non-dangerous-goods, and can be transported by automobile, train and airplane.
4. StorageStored in dry place.


  • Original: China
  • Brand: Saint Best
  • Package: Carton or Customized
  • Payment Terms: TT/LC
  • Lead Time: 15-20days
  • Lead Port: Qingdao

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