Linear Glass Cutting Machine

Linear Glass Cutting Machine

 Linear Glass Cutting Mahine.

1. Function and Parameter: Flat glass linear cutting, Professional glass optimization software.

Outside Size(mm) 3200*2360 Maximum Speed(mm/min) 100
Table Height(mm) 850 Glass Thinkness(mm) 2-19
Mass(kg) 1300 Precision(mm) ±0.15
Power(kw) 3.8 Maximum Glass Size(mm) 2440*2000

2. Product Configuration Mechanical Part:

1) Table: Waterproof board.

2) Rack/Guideway:JAPAN KHK rack High precision linear motion along X, Y axis

3) Cutting wheel/clamp: Cutting component, hold the wheel, made in Germany

4) Table: Scattered with ventholes, flotation bedplate, covered by black wool blanket

5) Tool carrier: Pneumatic, cutting pressure adjustable,to obtain optimal cutting for variable glass thicknesses

6) Conveyer:Flotation bedplate, easy to move glass, reduce workload

7) Gearing system:Japanese fushi exchange the servo system, equipment and reliable, unbiased and high efficiency.

8) Tool post: Uses air pressure, cutting head 360-degree turn, give or take a cut.

9) Lubrication: Automatic oiling, oil pressure adjustable

10) Positioning mechanism: Machinery, the positioning of the completion of glass can be stationary.

Electric Part:

1) Directly controlled by a Dell PC, Windows XP Interface

2) Voltage: 380V/50HZ, with protective isolation equipment, keep control device from damage by disturbance

3) Controller: Professional motion controller from the Unite States, high precision cutting and zero error

4)Control cable: High flexibility & professional cable from Germany, high durability ensures stable cutting

5)Towline: Professional Germany high speed product, durable and rigid

6)Relay: From Omron and Schneider, low fault rate

7)Circuit: Latest EMC design, disturbance free, stable

3. Control Software

1) Proprietary knowledge cutting software, integrating layout optimization and cutting

2) Support DXF format, import AutoCAD, SolidWork and popular CAD software files directly

3) Directly input glass dimensions, fully automatic layout optimization and cutting

4) Origin correction, the origin can be re-defined

5) Cutting path optimization, ensuring shortest and optimal cutting speed

6) Multi language operation interface, 15-minute learning time


  • Model: SBT-PQ2420-Z
  • Original: China
  • Brand: Saint Best
  • Package: Customized
  • Payment Terms: TT/LC
  • Lead Time: 20-30days
  • Lead Port: Tianjin

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