Vertical CNC PVC Window Four Point Welding Machine

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CNC Vertical PVC Window Four Point Welding Machine

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The most anticipated event for the glass industry workers - International Exhibition of Glass, technologies and equipment for the manufacture and processing of glass "World of Glass" - in its 16th year will be held from 4 to 6 June 2014 in the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre".

"World of Glass" - the biggest international event industry in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe - one of the five world exhibitions glass industry.


This year will Expocentre exhibition together with a new partner by the National Joint Council of the glass industry "StekloSouz".


According to the organizers, this cooperation will further increase in the show, its effectiveness and value for the development of the glass industry.


Plaques Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (Fairs), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber confirm the high status of the event, its relevance and importance for the development of Russian and foreign markets for Glass.


In his greetings to participants and guests of the international exhibition "World of Glass 2014" President "StekloSouz" Russia Viktor Osipov said: "The exhibition" World of Glass "is a unique platform for the presentation of scientific achievements and developments of Russian players in the industry, as well as a springboard for international companies decided to enter the Russian market. "StekloSouz" and ZAO "Expocentre" decided to combine their efforts to work on the development and strengthening of the well proven over the years the exhibition "World of Glass". I am convinced that our cooperation will bring the exhibition "World of Glass" on a higher level to meet the growing needs of the industry. "


At the exhibition "World of Glass" will feature the most advanced ideas and technologies in the glass industry, both in Russia and abroad. Favorites will expand the direct business contacts, accelerate the introduction of new products made of glass, better equipment and advanced technologies.


"" World of Glass "is particularly important at the present time due to the fact that the diversity of building glass allows reshat4 various design tasks. The exhibition for the 16th time proves its relevance for producers and consumers, is an indicator of sustainable and dynamic development of the domestic glass industry, evidence of the successful overcoming obstacles to the formation of modern market relations in the country ", - said the President of the Union of Russian designers Viktor Novoselov.


In 2014, the exhibition has grown - the exhibition area reached 5700 m. m net. Its placement in the pavilion № 2 has allowed many companies to increase the area of ??the stands.


The exhibition "The World of Glass 2014" demonstrate their products more than 240 companies and enterprises from 24 countries. Companies from Italy will organize national exposure. The exhibitors include such well-known foreign companies, as Von Ardenne 9 (thin film technologies for photovoltaics and architectural glass) Doganovsky Production and Trade Plant (Belarus, the largest producer of liquid glass in the CIS) and others.


Their achievements and innovative solutions will show 80 Russian exhibitors. Among them - "Salavatsteklo", "Saratovstroisteklo" Caspian float glass plant, CAMI, "Utah", "measure", "Adem", "Brinolli" (first submit samples of the first batch of satin, patterned, frosted glass and glass with a deep patterned by chemical etching method) "RuSayl" (supertransparent structure), and many others.


Subjects of the exhibition is constantly adjusted. Modern exhibition covers the entire spectrum of glass production. The exhibition will feature world-class achievements: the latest technology, modern means of production and processing of glass; the application window; tools and accessories; control instrumentation, control equipment, software; transportation and storage of glass; design workshops, research institutions, educational institutions, trade unions and associations.


The main focus of the exhibition this year is made on the extraordinary possibilities of glass: self-cleaning glass coating with a dual action uses the forces of nature to clean up pollution, eco-friendly warm house of glass for the Russian climate technology "warm edge" and the application of energy-saving coatings on architectural glass; stained glass - a unique technology of creation; satin, 5-in pattern frosted glass and stained with deep patterned chemical etching method will be used in interior decoration.


The specialists will be offered a variety of unexpected opportunities and to implement the most amazing creative ideas for decorating the surrounding space. Salon ArtGlass demonstrate various techniques for working with art glass. This year, in order to participate in the exhibition come saloon international master Moti Vertsberger working in various techniques of glass processing. Also present their works Irina Ponomareva, Natalia Zhytomyr, masters work on stained glass, painted glass, fusing, lempvorku. The lounge will welcome participants for the production of artistic glass used in the work are also different types of wood, copper and bronze ArtStudio MalinoDesign. Will be presented copyrights home furnishings and decor, original pieces of furniture, custom fixtures for the home and garden and much more.


Many new products will be shown in other sections of the exhibition: energy-efficient glass, translucent structures, "Warm edge technology" low emissivity, multifunction, solar glass; glass as a marketing tool - the latest technology and materials for decorating glass, including glass containers; printing on glass; The latest technology of glass in architecture, magnetron sputtering systems and application technology of energy-saving coatings on architectural glass. During the exhibition will be held conferences and seminars. Participating companies will present their products, innovation and know-how.


The key event of the business program of the exhibition "World of Glass 2014" will be an international forum "Glass and modern technology-XXI" , which aims - to highlight the current state and contribute to the development of the glass industry, science and business development of international cooperation, training for the industry.


The forum program includes roundtable "Main trends in production and consumption of counterfeit products in the glass industry," an international scientific-practical conference "Problems of quality raw materials for glass industry enterprises' business negotiations. forum Applications are accepted until May 28 this year


0.55mm Ultra-Thin Float Glass Successfully Rolled Off The Line

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On 18th December, 0.55mm ultra-thin electronic glass was drawn in a one-time success on the ultra-thin float glass production line of Bengbu CTIEC Information Display Materials Co., Ltd. and good products were rolled off the line at that day. Since the commissioning, 1.3mm, 1.1mm, 0.7mm and 0.55mm glass have been produced on this line successfully just within two months, setting a new record of the speed of good products rolling off the similar ultra-thin float glass production lines at home and abroad.


Bengbu CTIEC Information Display Materials Co., Ltd. is a subordinate high-tech enterprise of Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry (hereinafter referred to as Bengbu Institute) producing information display ultra-thin electronic glass, and a demonstration enterprise of CNBM implementing the strategy of “New building materials, new houses and new energy”. This production line adopts up-to-date technology and complete set of equipment for ultra-thin float electronic glass independently developed by Bengbu Institute and CTIEC and gets the best of decades of technical reserve. The technology and equipments of each link can reach or close to international advanced level. Since the line was put into production on  16th October, all members of the company have made technical breakthroughs for ultra-thin float electronic glass production and successfully solved dozens of problems on raw materials, melting, forming, annealing, cutting, unloading and packaging for whole production process of the ultra-thin float electronic glass by working hard together. After preliminary inspection, the key indexes of 1.3mm, 1.1mm, 0.7mm and 0.55mm ultra-thin float electronic glass produced during the commissioning can meet the requirements of “Thin float glass used for LCD”. Client authentication test on some products is under the way.


Bengbu CTIEC Information Display Materials Co., Ltd. will continue to carry forward indomitable spirit and strive to produce 0.33mm ultra-thin float electronic glass (the thinnest) of the global industrial production as soon as possible by precision management and continuous innovation.


1,752 Contributions From 76 Countries Submitted For Presentation At The EUPVSEC 2013 In Paris, France

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With 1,752 research, industry and market contributions (abstracts) from 76 countries applying for presentation at the Conference, the response to the Call for Papers for the 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) is compelling. 


The EU PVSEC 2013 will take place from 30 September to 04 October 2013 at Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte in Paris, France. The five-day Conference is combined with the three-day PV Industry Exhibition, held from 01 to 03 October 2013.        


The received abstracts cover the entire range of the PV value chain, with a particularly strong response to top-notch topics addressing new materials, PV system aspects including reliability and grid integration issues. Analysis confirms the trend towards further internationalisation with a strong participation from countries outside of Europe. France, host country of the EU PVSEC 2013, increases its share of submitted abstracts and underlines its strong position in PV research and development, while the largest number of abstracts continues to be submitted from Germany. The Asia / Pacific region increases its share considerably to approx. 30%, and emerging markets from the MENA region and from Africa show their strong interest in the EU PVSEC with more abstracts than ever.


The abstracts are currently being reviewed and scored by the international Scientific Committee made up of more than 200 leading research and industry experts from the global PV sector. Dr. Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, European Commission, DG JRC and EU PVSEC Technical Programme Chairman, coordinates the Scientific Committee to set up a well-balanced Conference programme of highest international standards. Dr. Jäger-Waldau: “To guarantee the quality of the programme, each abstract is scored by three independent reviewers before the topic organisers select the oral and visual presentations.”


The Conference programme will be published in May this year.


Background EU PVSEC


For many years, the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) has combined a renowned international scientific conference with a leading PV industry exhibition and trade fair. During 5 conference and 3 trade fair days, new products and technical innovations from all areas of photovoltaics and from all over the world are on show.


The EU PVSEC is supported by European and international organisations such as the European Commission, UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, Natural Sciences Sector, WCRE – World Council for Renewable Energy, ESA – European Space Agency, OME - Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie, REN21 – Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century, EU PV TP – European Photovoltaic Technology Platform, EPIA – the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, IPVEA – the International Photovoltaic Equipment Association. The Conference Programme is coordinated by the European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre.


EU PVSEC 2013 Contact:

Heinz Ehmann

WIP, Sylvensteinstr. 2, 81369 Munich, Germany

Tel: +49 89 72012735, Fax: +49 89 72012791


15th Buildexpo Kenya 2012

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International Exhibitions

15th Buildexpo Kenya 2012

  • Name:
  • 15th Buildexpo Kenya 2012
  • Time:
  • 2012-5-5 to 2012-5-7
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  • International Exhibitions
  • Venue:
  • Nairobi
  • Detailes:
  • Exhibition Date: May 5-7, 2012


    Exhibition City: Nairobi        


    Venue: Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC)


    Exhibition Cycle: Every One Year


    Exhibition Type: International Exhibition








    The 15th BUILDEXPO KENYA 2012 International Trade Exhibition on Building & Construction Products, Equipments & Machinery will be held in May 2012. The Event is all set to present over 10,000 products, equipment and machinery from over 30 countries. The number of exhibitors and visitors in 2012 is expected to rise by at least 20% since an aggressive campaign has been launched.




    Trade visitors from all over East & Central African countries are being invited directly and in collaboration with several regional trade bodies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique & Congo. Though Kenya by itself is one of the biggest markets in Africa, major emphasis is being laid upon attracting traders and importers from neighboring countries. The experience and comments of exhibitors at previous events indicate substantial gains from unexpected foreign visitors and we strongly feel that a rise in such statistics would ensure business specially for the foreign participants who form almost 80 - 85% of the exhibition.




    Exhibitors’ Profile




    1.Building Materials Machinery: processing equipment, glass doors and windows machinery, construction machinery, construction engineering machinery, electric and hand tools, special vehicle, transportation equipment, site protective equipment, construction facilities etc.




    2.Building Materials: stone (marble, granite), ceramics, household decoration, type brick, rolled steel, nonferrous metal, wood, cement, concrete, glass, plaster, sealing materials.




    3.Floor and carpet, wall paper and wallboard mosaic, yard facilities, landscape decoration etc.




    4.Building Hardware: water injection, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware hardware accessories, door (including ambry closet door) window and door window hardware accessories, valve, fastener, standard parts, fittings, nail silk screen etc.




    5.Heating air conditioning, sanitary equipment, water heater and complete equipment building lighting etc.




    6. Architectural Design: building modelling, blocks type and holiday housing design.

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