28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference And Exhibition

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EU PVSEC 2013: The 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition will take place in Paris, France, in 2013


Participate in the World’s Largest Specialist PV Solar Conference

The 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition takes place from 30 September to 04 October 2013 at the Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France.


Conference Monday - Friday  30 Sep - 04 Oct 2013

Exhibition  Tuesday - Thursday  01 - 03 Oct 2013


Meet the experts of the PV solar branch in Paris to discuss new concepts, trends and developments in science and industry. The EU PVSEC provides the most inspiring platform for dialogue and information exchange across the World.


Join the unique PV Solar Industry Exhibition


The 28th EU PVSEC Exhibition, the three-day trade show of the global photovoltaic industry, attracts companies and solar organisations from around the world. The Exhibition, running alongside the Conference, is an excellent showcase for the technology and service providers of the PV Solar sector.


The 28th EU PVSEC highlights progress in research, technological development and production processes, bringing together all key specialists of the industry to make it the most informative platform for the global PV Solar sector.


At the Exhibition you meet international manufacturers of production equipment, manufacturers of PV modules and components, supply industry, suppliers of chemical compounds and gases, PV system companies and distributors, PV installation companies, PV project development companies, glass producers, recycling and waste treatment companies, governmental bodies, software and simulation providers, producers of lasers and opto-electronic devices, research and testing institutes, engineering consultancies and organisations involved in the PV solar sector.


EU PVSEC Parallel Events

In addition to the Industry Exhibition and leading international scientific and technological Conference, the 28th EU PVSEC will attract further attention of global decision makers through a range of special events.



Country    France

City  Paris

Location   Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte


Dates of fair      30.09.2013 - 04.10.2013



Company WIP Renewable Energies

Address    Sylvensteinstr. 2

81369 München

Country    Germany

Phone       0049 89 720127 35

Fax   0049 89 720127 91

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Internet     http://www.wip-munich.de


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 ICG president Prof Peng Shou announced the publication of the 2nd edition of the R&D roadmap activities during the ICG Summer School in Montpellier


Society has prized glass artifacts for millennia, from decorated Egyptian amphora, to the extravagantly engraved vases of the Romans, from stained glass windows, to the chandeliers of the Middle Ages. Bottles and tableware help us to cook and preserve our food, to store our wine, and to deliver our medications cheaply in tip-top condition, while windows and lamps give us well lit, warm buildings and safe transport systems. Quality glass lenses for microscopes, telescopes and cameras helped to revolutionize our understanding of biology and astronomy, and now deliver pictures from international news events or instant personal images on Facebook. Our mobile telephones and internet traffic travel along glass fibers which can amplify or switch the signal. Glass fibers insulate our houses and engineered glass sheets with printed solar cells generate our power. Even our wind turbines use glass fiber reinforced blades. Glass containing cements can repair our teeth and bones, doped glasses can target radiotherapy within our bodies, and spare body parts can be grown on glassy scaffolds.


Such a rich heritage does not automatically lead to an exciting future, but we can expect many surprises. Glass will certainly remain the bedrock of a modern, sustainable, low-carbon society. The International Commission on Glass (ICG) is promoting research and development (R&D) on glass and ensures that the necessary support framework in the form of Technical Committees (TCs) is in place. With that mission, the Coordinating Technical Committee (CTC) of the ICG initiated a roadmap exercise focused on the future of glass R&D, starting with a kick-off meeting at the ICG2007 Congress in Strasbourg; this promoted the construction of roadmaps able to anticipate the challenges that the glass community will face. The key players in that roadmap process have been the various TCs, with their numerous experts, organized by the ICG. Aspects of glass melting, advanced materials with a focus on biomaterials, glass surface properties and functional coatings, as well as key fundamental glass principles were studied in particular depth. The methodology adopted was focused workshops with a 25 year perspective. The results obtained by the glass experts in the first four topical workshops were summarized in 2010 in the 1st edition of this book, which contained many graphical representations of roadmaps for the different R&D fields of glass.


The 1st edition formed a solid basis for an exchange of opinions concerning the future directions of glass research and an appropriate prioritization of research topics. But the roadmap process did not stop in 2010 and several additional workshops were planned and organized. The main new contributions in this 2nd edition are the results of the last ICG roadmap workshops, some of which were carried out in cooperation with other scientific organizations. The same style and format used in the previous booklet have been maintained for the eight new sections which are:


•       Applications of sensors and advanced process control

•       Fining/refining

•       Energy efficiency in melting process

•       Innovation in glass production

•       Structure and vibrations in oxide glasses

•       Glass surfaces and thin films on glass

•       Glasses for pharmacy

•       Summary of the results of the roadmap activities


All these sections are highly specific and contain much rich detail; the experts contributing are named at the end of the booklet. In addition some members of the CTC (as coordinators of a TC cluster) analyzed the pre-existing material from the 1st edition in cooperation with other experts and produced reviews which are also published in this book.


During the ICG Summer School dinner on July 10, 2014 Prof Peng Shou, as ICG president, announced the publication and distributed copies from the first print run to the teachers present – explaining that the students would have to win their copies in the project competition organized at the end of the week!


Continuous revision will be required in the future as our knowledge base expands and as new challenges arise. We hope that the reader will be excited by the comprehensive vision of the future of glass and the manifold potential applications outlined within the booklet. The ICG intends the book to create a solid basis for forward-looking roadmap discussions on the future of glass R&D close cooperation with other scientific organizations. We all hope that you, the readers, will want to contribute your ideas on the improvement of the roadmaps and their fulfillment. Our goal is that this 2nd edition of Making Glass Better will help to focus the limited resources of the glass community on the “right” topics for a proud future for glass.


3D-Shaped Gorilla Glass May Boost Corning's Revenue

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Corning may see its revenue grow as it attempts to capture the untapped market of cover glass for flexible displays. It recently announced its productive capability in a new technology to shape Gorilla Glass, a cover glass, into any three dimensional (3D) form. This enables Corning to mold Gorilla Glass into any shape and offer sturdy protection for flexible or curved displays. Though no date has been specified, the new 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass will be ready for commercial launch in 2014. Gorilla Glass forms a part of Corning’s Specialty Materials segment.


Gorilla Glass is a protective cover glass used in consumer electronics such as mobiles, tablets and notebooks to protect display screens. It is scratch resistant and highly durable compared to traditional display glass, and is now used on more than 1,100 product models across 33 major brands. Mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, and tablet and notebook manufacturers like Dell and HP, use Gorilla Glass for many of their devices. Corning is also coming out with Gorilla glass applications in markerboards, automobiles and appliances.


See our complete analysis of Corning here.

3D-shaped Gorilla Glass Offers A $3 Billion Opportunity For Corning


As per IHS IHS -1.02%, a leading research provider, the flexible display market is expected to grow to $41 billion by 2020. This implies that the market for cover glass for flexible displays may be worth $12 billion by 2020, since cover glass accounts for 30% of the cost of a display. Assuming that Corning is able to capture 25%-30% of this market with its first-mover advantage and just three other major players in the cover glass market as competition, this effectively presents an opportunity to generate an additional revenue of $3-3.6 billion by 2020.

Corning’s new glass forming technology also suggests that the company is trying to broaden its offering in the curved display market. In 2012, Corning entered the curved display market with Willow Glass, a thin flexible display glass. The 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass would be able to complement flexible displays like Willow Glass, and offer greater protection. The glass can be shaped to follow the curve of the wrist.


The curved display market for mobile phones, which is still at a very nascent stage, presents an opportunity for the 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass. At present, there are just two mobile phones offering curved displays, Samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG’s Flex, but neither of them have a protective glass. The 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass will be able to cater to such curved display mobile phones.


The 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass may also be used on wearable displays such as the rumored Apple watches.


Corning will establish vertically integrated operations in Taiwan to manufacture 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass


Corning will tie up with Taiwan based G-Tech Optoelectronics, an optical glass manufacturer, to establish a facility in Taiwan that would help integrate the entire manufacturing process for the 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass. Instead of having to ship flat sheets of Gorilla glass to Taiwan and then shape it into different forms, which involves a lot of logistical complexity, this facility will enable Corning to manufacture and shape Gorilla Glass under one roof. Corning believes that this offers cost and time advantages which will also benefit its customers.


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3rd GLASSPEX INDIA 2013: The Glass Industry’s Meeting Point On The Indian Subcontinent

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International Exhibition for Glass - Production, Processing, Products - held at the Bombay Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre for the third time from 20 to 22 March 2013, has become established as the glass industry’s leading trade fair for the Indian market.


The following figures speak for themselves: Despite the currently difficult market environment more than 180 exhibitors from 22 countries presented the latest products and innovations in the areas of glass production, processing and applications to 3,347 trade visitors. Exhibitors included such resounding names as Bottero, DSF Refractories, Emhart Glass, Grenzebach, Saint-Gobain SEFPRO, Shamvik Glasstech, K-bond, Hindusthan National Glass & Industries (HNG), Fosbel, Bystronic, Hegla, Glasproduktions-Service, Techno Trade Links and Zippe underlining the quality of this event.


Werner M. Dornscheidt, President & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, attaches great importance to the Indian subcontinent as an event location: “The starting situation of the trade fair is optimal. India is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, and the glass industry is a highly attractive sector. A rise in livings standards in India has led to increasing demands in the areas where glass is becoming more and more important as a material.”


As the organiser of GLASSPEX INDIA Messe Düsseldorf GmbH capitalises on the extensive know-how it acquired with its own event glasstec - the world’s leading trade fair for the glass sector that made it possible to access and enter into dialogue with further target groups of importance to the Indian market. Furthermore, the Messe has found strong cooperation partners in AIGMF (All India Glass Manufacturers‘ Federation) and VDMA e.V. (German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers‘ Association), which has supported the officially authorized participation of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Mr. S. C. Bansal, President of AIGMF, confirmed the trade fair was a resounding success: “GLASSPEX INDIA is a splendid exhibition and technical conference covering the highlights of the glass industry, as a whole, and interacting with key members of the industry during the show. I am sure GLASSPEX INDIA will continue to provide the platform to showcase new technology, innovation and excellence to promote trade and investment in the Indian subcontinent.”


Sanjay Somany from Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Limited (HNG) said: “I have never been dragged to so many meetings ever in any show.”


Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Limited (HNG) and Fosbel, US, have joined hands during GLASSPEX India 2013. Senior Global Business Unit Director with Fosbel Inc., Mr. Bob Chambers, underlines: “The goal of this partnership is prolong furnace operating campaigns through the most innovative repair solutions available on the market.”


Good networking, promising new contacts and projects, is the conclusion of the VDMA: “Germany is one of the most important suppliers of glass engineering technology to India. The relations between the Indian and the German industry subsist since many years. Some German manufacturers of glass machinery and related technologies already produce locally in India.”


The Director of Indotherm Furnace & Engineers, Jogender Singh explains: “The organization of the exhibition was good. We made a good experience with by having large number of visitors. The ambiance and preparation of exhibitors were excellent.”


Saint Gobain Accuramech found brief words of praise: “As for the first time exhibitor, we had a good experience. We received a large number of visitors.”


Mr. Lim Wan Leong, Sales Engineering with Bystronic, sums up: “We participated in the GLASSPEX INDIA show to explore more business opportunities in India. The new established contacts will help in our future sales.”


Nicolaus Sorg praised the event: “It was a great time here on the German booth. Like every time we are very satisfied with the organization of GLASSPEX INDIA. Everything was perfectly organized. Despite of the stagnant market situation of the Indian Glass Industry we see a great future for the glass producers.”


The 3rd Glass Performance Days India (GPD) rounded off the programme of side events. Here the focus was on such topics as glass architecture, flat glass and solar technology - specifically geared to the challenges of the Indian market - for two days. On both days organizers welcomed high-calibre national and international participants.


On the 10th Conference of the All India Glass Manufacturers‘ Federation (AIGMF) delegates dealt with “Managing Sustainable Growth“ issues and opportunities to develop the Indian glass market.


The next GLASSPEX INDIA will be held from 13 to 15 March 2015 in Mumbai.

For further information on GLASSPEX INDIA visit: www.glasspex.com

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