Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) 56% Min

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) 56% Min

1. Molecular formula: C3O3N3CL2Na
Molecular Weight: 219.98
HS NO:29336929
UN NO:2465
2. Structural formula:

3. Uses: disinfectant, which can be used to disinfect drink water, prophylactic disinfection and environmental disinfection; or used in the disinfection of silk worm, animals, birds and fish. It also can be used in anti-shrinkage finishing of wool, textile bleaching, algae-removing in circulating water and chlorinated agent of rubber.
4. Technical Index:
Appearance: white powder or granular
Available chlorine: 56%Min
Water insoluble matter: 0.1% Max
PH (1% Aq. Solution): 5.6-7.0
Moisture: 5% Max
Granular Size: 8-30mesh or 20-60mesh
Package: 25kg/50kg plastic drum, 50kg fiber drum.
5. Produ ct: According to the requirements of production from customers.


  • Model: 56%
  • Original: China
  • Brand: Saint Best
  • Package: Customized
  • Payment Terms: TT/LC
  • Lead Time: 15-20days
  • Lead Port: Qingdao

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