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Fast Dissolving Chlorine Tablets

Fast Dissolving Chlorine Tablets

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Product Description

Features white tablet with slight odor of chlorine 
usessurface of matter. Non-metallic tableware, drink ware, white fabrics,Drink water, recycling water, fish pond, etc. 
1, surface of matter. 2 tablets per 1L water Available chlorine 500mg/L for 20 minutes. 
2, Non-metallic tableware, drink ware 3 tablets per 1L water Available chlorine 750mg/L for 10 minutes. 
3, Recycling water 8-10 tablets per tons Available chlorine 0.5-1.0ppm one time per 2 to 3 days 
4, White fabrics, sheet 2 tablets per 1L water Available chlorine 500mg/L for 10 minutes. 
5, Drink water 1 tablets per 125L water Available chlorine 2mg/L for 30 minutes. 
6, Swimming pool 2-3g/m3 for 30-60 minutes. 
7, Fish pond: 6-8g/ m3. 
1, Sealed, in dark and cool place 
2, For external purpose only, do not contact with kids. 
3, Valid period is 2 years 
Supply Ability: 1500ton/month
Minimum Order: 20TON
Lead Time: Within 30 days after receiving advance
Packaging: according to your need
Brand Name: Saint Best
Origin: China

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