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Desktop Laser Engracing and Cutting Machine

Desktop Laser Engracing and Cutting Machine

1.The Laser Seal Machine SBT40 is a mini desktop laser engraving machine. 
2.It is of high speed and accuracy, stable performance, and can be placed conveniently on the desk. Smoke purifier can be specially installed.
3. It is suitable for seal materials such as plastic, organic glass, horn, and wood. It is also applied to small craft processing and a variety of engraving graphics and text on double-color board, wood, bamboo, and acrylic, cloth, leather and other nonmetal material.

Double-head Laser Engraving  Machine

Double-head Laser Engraving Machine

1.Two laser tubes working together or alternetively.
2.Save prgraming time and tube cost.
3.Equipped with a low power,high precision engraving laser tube and a high power cutting laser tube,the operationg of engraving and cutting can be completed in one machine.
4.Unique Design:The space between two heads can be freely adjusted .
5.Strong stucture enables the machine moving steady and speedy with high precision,maintaining high carving precision long time unchanged .Run-through body design suitable for infinite length work piece processing.

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